Customized Dog Training in Your Home

As the dog’s owner, you play a huge role in your pet’s education. Once you commit, success will be unavoidable. Your entire family is involved in the training we provide, and you will follow-up with the training every day between classes. During obedience training sessions the trainer demonstrates commands, but it is the family members who are hands-on. The trainer will handle the dog’s leash to provide corrections in your technique.


Why is family involvement important? Dogs are pack animals and you are all part of your dog’s pack. Every day, everyone in your household has an influence on your pet; and what your pet does (correctly or incorrectly) impacts every household member. There are definite rules and hierarchy within a pack just as there is within families. A stronger relationship forms when you understand and incorporate ingrained canine rules into your approach.


Unlike other obedience training services that use the same methods and tools for every dog, the trainer provides owners a personalized package and does not “treat train” or use “bait.” Instead, owners learn to utilize leadership, loyalty and love to train their dog. The customized training program is designed to fit a) the goals you are looking to accomplish, b) the trainer's assessment of the particular approach that will work best with your dog, and c) what the trainer feels your dog can successfully complete.


ABC Pet Services offers beginning and advanced canine training packages as well as individual counseling sessions.  Each session is customized based on the dog and individual circumstance.

Jackson (Beginning)

Basic dog training includes...


  • 6 private home visits

  • Basic obedience commands

  • Socialization

  • Preventing negative behaviors

Toby (Advanced)

Advanced dog training includes...


  • 8 private home visits

  • 3 contained off-leash lessons

  • Intermediate obedience commands

  • Distraction commands

Rescue Dogs

The recipe for a happy and healthy rescue companion...


We offer discounts for Rescue Dogs and Veterans

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