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AJ Moyer has worked with rescue organizations throughout his life, and while doing so, has seen many dogs “given up” simply because a proper relationship and mutual understanding about responsibilities hadn’t been formed. Under the experienced guidance of Moyer, you’ll learn how to train your dog using leadership, loyalty, and love as motivators. Those essential motivators kindle the same in your dog so he/she can be a well-mannered member of your household and your community. Whether you’re seeking puppy obedience training, or adult dog obedience classes, you and your animal will benefit greatly.

We believe that everyone has a good pet, though the pet may have some bad or unapproved behaviors, and that commitment to a pet is essential. We also believe that no dog (or other animal) is too young or too old to be in training. Finally, we believe that training animals with leadership, loyalty, and love is far superior and more lasting and beneficial to “treat training.” Experience has proven that as we help develop the communication between you and your pet, your relationship will change from mutual frustration to mutual love, respect, and understanding leading to changed behaviors. This change creates a healthy relationship and helps you and your pet become a close team. The A.B.C. in our name stands for “All ‘Bout Commitment.” That’s what it takes.

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AJ Moyer

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